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Cool Pool Tech Toys for Dad

Father’s day is around the corner. While ties and gift certificates to the links are always good fallbacks, there are two kinds of gifts that are guaranteed to make every father figure swell with delight and pride. The first is the kind of gift that is practical and utilitarian, generally the labor-saving kinds of toys he drools over at the hardware store. The other is the kind that blatantly announces his role- as father, provider, fixer and maintainer.

Some gifts can do both. When Dad has a pool, there’s a whole world of gifts that make his life easier in the practical sense while also acknowledging his position as the ultimate caretaker. Pool care gadgets are manly, useful, and stand as a marker of pride for the pool-conscious patriarch. While the gift of a tool for pool care may at first seem like more of a work assignment than a thoughtful present, a basic understanding of Dad psychology paints a different picture.

A carefully chosen pool gadget is a symbol. It is the symbol of a man who goes the extra mile in his pool care, showing no less pride than good landscaping or high-end patio furniture. It shows not only that he cares, but that you do. To give a man the tools of a professional is to honor him. To save him work is to reward his labors. Do both with one of these fantastic pool care products.

  1. The Robotic Pool Vacuum
    Robotic pool cleaners are the ultimate pool care luxury item. While pricey, they save invaluable time and effort. Plus, they are really, really cool. Products like the Aquabot function like a Roomba for the pool, automatically patrolling the entire pool area and cleaning up all debris and mess. Vacuuming the pool is a thing of the past when Dad can simply drop what looks like a tiny off-road vehicle into the water and grab himself a cold one, simply watching with joyful satisfaction as his robot minion handles business.

  2. The Solar Powered Skimmer
    Maybe the Dad in your life doesn’t mind vacuuming, but abhors the tedious task of skimming- especially if the pool is in a leaf-heavy area. The constant need to skim before (and sometimes during) each and every skim can be annoying.

    While no one needs a solar-powered automatic skimmer, they may be the single coolest product on the market (pending the outcome of a solar skimmer/robotic vacuum death match). These ingenious inventions run entirely on the sun’s rays, powering themselves around the surface of the pool collecting and storing all debris until it’s ready to be emptied. This may be the beginning of the Robot Apocalypse, but in the meantime, the neighbors will be impressed.

  3. The Pool Controller
    Smart technology has finally made it to the pool. Automatic pool controllers connect dad’s tablet to all the functions of the pool and/or hot tub. heating, lighting, filtration, fountains—even automatic chemical dispensers. With the touch of a button, the world’s luckiest pool-owning father can start the party from his iPad to the delight of everyone at the barbeque.

  4. The Automatic Pool Cover
    Half the battle of pool maintenance is keeping unwanted debris out of the water. That means constantly having to place and remove a summer pool cover, or risk an infestation of leaves and bugs that will have to be skimmed out.

    Automatic pool covers simply unfurl themselves and cover the pool at the touch of a button. When it’s time to swim, they automatically slide neatly out of the way. When it’s this easy, everyone is more likely to cover the pool between swims, leaving a cleaner, less labor-intensive pool for Dad to contend with. And like the other products on this list, it’s undeniably cool.

    Any of these items would make an excellent gift for the man who is proud of his pool and the work he puts into it. If you doubt the average American man’s taste for the utilitarian, follow him around a hardware store for an hour. The products on this list may make unorthodox presents, but ask yourself: does he really need another tie?

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