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How to Enjoy Christmas in Your Hot Tub

‘Tis the season for hot tubbing. There’s not too many things more sad on Christmas than the sight of a closed, unused, unappreciated hot tub sitting uselessly out of sight and out of mind, just because it’s cold outside. 

Who decided that hot tubs were off limits on Christmas? I’m pretty sure the baby Jesus had nothing to say on the subject, and looking at him, Santa seems like the ideal candidate for a relaxing soak. So let’s start a new holiday tradition: Throw on the bathing suits, and get ready to enjoy Christmas in your hot tub.

The Tub

You decorate your house. You decorate your yard. Some people (regrettably) even adorn their cars with various reindeer parts. So why on earth aren’t we decorating the hot tub? You have outlets, use them. Christmas lights, garland, pine boughs - do the whole nine. If your tub is equipped with underwater lights, throw a green or red bulb in. 

Stage your hot tub area to be a Christmas miracle. Set up a small Christmas tree by the hot tub (not too close, to avoid pine needles falling in). Decorate the entire deck or patio. Stage an underwater nativity scene with the family (just leave the sheep out of it). And by all means, don’t forget the mistletoe.

The Company

Whether it’s family or friends, whoever you share the holiday with would surely appreciate a good Christmas hot-tubbing. Invite the special people in your life to break out their best Christmas-themed bathing suits (yes, those exist, as do simple green and red ones) and join you by the jets for an unforgettable experience. Consider it your gift to them, and theirs to you.

The Moment

Once you’ve got the company, welcome them into your personal whirlpool wonderland. Have Christmas music playing near the tub. Enjoy some high-quality hot cocoa in the comfort of the tub. Provide santa hats as well as red and green towels. Relax and let the holiday spirit bubble all around you and yours. You might even break out into carols. Let it happen. It’s Christmas and you own a hot tub. 

What could be more joyful?

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