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APSP was extremely relieved to learn that Usher’s son was recovering well following his near-drowning on Monday at the singer’s Atlanta residence. A few days removed from the nightmare and it looks like Usher V is well on his way to being back to normal.

According to his mother:

That’s great to hear.

Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos said in a report Tuesday that Raymond V, 5, fell to the bottom of the pool and became stuck in its drain. The boy, who was initially unable to be removed from the drain, was eventually freed and revived by a subcontractor working at the home before authorities arrived on the scene.

An aerial view of singer Usher’s pool, where the incident occurred on Monday. Photo courtesy of

The incident has provided a national platform to discuss drain cover safety and serves as an important reminder about the importance of safety and entrapment prevention in residential and commercial pools and spas.

APSP encourages all pool owners, future pool owners and pool goers to follow these important rules:

To learn more about suction entrapment and drain cover safety visit or includes a wealth of great information about drain cover safety, including what to look for when upgrading to an ANSI/APSP-7 compliant drain cover.

Compliant cover diagram

To locate a pool professional who can assess the safety of pool and spa drain covers and provide you with more information about drain cover safety, visit APSP’s MemberLocator.

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