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Shark Week is a unequivocal global phenomenon these days, with Discovery’s flagship programming event drawing millions of viewers each season. This year, the 25th anniversary of Shark Week, has drawn record viewership across the board, cementing this razor-sharp week of shows as one of television’s most popular ever.

But among all the hurrah remains an important, unanswered question: Ever seen a shark in a pool?

Yeah, me neither.

While Shark Week is viewed as a blast by most, what about all those poor sods who head to the beach only to be greeted unceremoniously by a teeth-heavy finned carnivore? I bet they’re not having too much of a blast.

No sharks here: This seal is staying cool in an APSP member-built pool.

For example: Ask all those helpless seals where they’d rather be. I bet they’d love to enjoy a nice, relaxing dip in an APSP member-built pool right about now! Refreshing and, of course, safe.

So, the next time you’re watching one of Shark Week’s entertaining shows – and not a faux documentary – remember that while the ocean looks fun and all-together harmless at a glance, the friendly confines of your own pool, spa or hot tub are a much safer bet. Just ask Steven Spielberg.

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