Questions to Ask About Hot Tubs

Are you buying a hot tub? Having your hot tub serviced? Be prepared when you visit your local PHTA member professional by having questions such as those below ready to ask.

Buying questions:

  1. Does the total sale cost all-inclusive?  (Does it contain the cover, cover lifter, steps, jet packages, delivery and set-up, and starter filters and chemicals?)
  2. What is my total operating cost per month?
  3. What can I add to the hot tub to improve my hot tub experience? What features will promote hydrotherapy?
  4. What features will help it run quietly and efficiently? Does this hot tub meet current energy efficiency standards?
  5. Is the hot tub accessible on all four sides?
  6. Will the hot tub have a fiberglass, ABS plastic, or wood floor? What’s the advantage of each?
  7. Will my hot tub require a concrete surface, deck, or deck reinforcement?
  8. What about elements like a tapered surface for water runoff?  Steel reinforcement for strength and weight limits? Spray foam injection to avoid cut ends and water saturation?
  9. What type of filter is needed and how often will it need to be replaced?
  10. Does the hot tub have ways to reduce chemical use?
  11. Can you arrange for a private "test soak"?
  12. Do you perform a free pre-site inspection prior to delivery? Will you provide start-up education and water balancing assistance?
  13. What is the warranty and is your company an authorized warranty service center?
  14. What will service be like? (Do you offer ongoing customer service? Who do we call with questions about hot tub operation or warranty issues? Do you stock parts for common maintenance and repairs? How much labor is involved in accessing hoses and jets for repair work???)

Servicing questions:

  1. Is the company licensed, insured, and bonded?
  2. What PHTA Certifications do the employees hold?
  3. Do the employees participate in annual continuing education?  Are employees educated on current energy efficient technology and products?
  4. Are the technicians PHTA Certified and certified by manufacturers to work on or with individual products?
  5. Is the company an official and authorized warranty service center for the products it sells?
  6. Do they work on existing equipment that was not installed by their company?
  7. How will I know that the employee has tested the water and made adjustments?
  8. Are the employees uniformed?  How will I recognize them to be employees?
  9. Will the company install equipment that I buy online?  Will any equipment or products bought online be covered by a warranty?
  10. Will employees dispose of waste products off-site?

Questions to ask a PHTA Retail Professional:

  1. What type of training is provided to employees so they stay up-to-date on new technologies?
  2. Are the employees friendly and helpful?
  3. Is free computerized water testing available?
  4. Are other services, like maintenance and repair, available?
  5. Are the technicians PHTA Certified, certified by product manufacturers, and authorized to provide warranty service?
  6. Is the store clean and neat and the shelves well stocked?  
  7. Do they carry the brands you want to buy (or) can they get them for you?
  8. Are the store’s location and hours convenient for you?