Six Steps Toward Owning a Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub is an exciting prospect, but don't forget to follow these six steps as you begin the purchasing process.

Six Steps Hot Tub image

1. Ask how your hot tub will give you what you’d most enjoy. 

What do you need and why?  From an intimate environment to a relaxing oasis, focus on your desires and envision how they can be fulfilled by owning a hot tub. What is the primary use?  Relaxation?  Relaxation after exercise or sport? Hot water therapy for body and joint relief? Entertainment? Also, how many people will use the hot tub? Consult a PHTA member professional to discover what’s available to meet your needs. 

2. Ask how you can customize your hot tub selection. 

What size and shape would be best?  Will you entertain or keep it personal? Your PHTA member professional can help you explore the many opportunities for buying, installing, and creating the most enticing setting for your hot tub. 

3. Think about equipment. 

How many jets will you need or want? Will you want lighting, sound systems, wireless remote control – even aromatherapy? Would you appreciate an automatic cover or cover lift? Automated or alternative sanitizing systems? How about a lounger in the hot tub?

4. Where will your hot tub be placed? 

From balcony to basement, deck to patio, there’s a hot tub for almost any setting. What hot tub features will enhance your hot tub environment?  Will you create an indoor oasis or an outdoor room?  Will you need landscaping or fencing to complete the picture?

5. Consider affordability. 

With hundreds of styles and options to choose from, there’s a hot tub for every budget. Hot tubs are more cost-effective – in time and money – than ever before.  And maintenance is cheaper and less time-consuming than changing the oil in your car. Explore in-store financing.

6. Find the right professional. 

Qualified, PHTA member professionals are on your side, ready to answer your hot tub questions and serve your needs with quality performance, skill, professionalism and reliability. And PHTA Certified Professionals have demonstrated their commitment to enhanced education and an adherence to a stringent Code of Ethics. Click here to find a PHTA professional near you.