Pool Affordability and Costs

There is a pool for every budget and every circumstance, but pool costs can vary widely depending on your setting, pool type, equipment, water features, and amenities. Consult your PHTA member professional for an accurate estimate of costs for the pool and spa in your future.

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Financing solutions

Pools are typically financed through long-term mortgage programs similar to the one you might have obtained to purchase your home. This lets you spread out your pool costs into manageable payments over time. Find a lender who understands the nuances of the pool-building process. Your PHTA member professional may be able to help you find a trusted local lender. And consider the following when shopping for pool financing:

  • Some pool builders offer in-store financing, allowing them to tailor a manageable monthly payment for you.
  • If you're building a home, consider building your pool at the same time. Talk with your PHTA professional about how this would work in collaboration with your home contractors.