Pool and Spa Construction Checklist

Use this checklist when you begin to collaborate with your builder on the construction of your pool.

✓ Planning

Your pool should reflect your personality and style, along with your location and budget.  Before any work begins, your PHTA member professional will help you decide on a design and construction plan. Review your needs and goals. Consider the setting and any irregular land features. And examine the complete plan before digging begins. Ask questions and voice concerns.

✓ The Right Professional

You're looking for quality performance, skill, professionalism, reliability and the finest in customer service. PHTA member professionals are available to answer your questions and serve your needs. And PHTA Certified Professionals have demonstrated their commitment to enhanced education and an adherence to a stringent Code of Ethics.

✓ Location, Location, Location

Where will your new pool and spa be located? Consider the overall design of your yard and home. Your PHTA member professional may take photographs, make sketches or even videotape your setting to properly customize your pool.

✓ Review Costs

When examining pool and spa construction cost estimates, consider all the factors:

  • Professional, experienced craftsmanship with superior customer service
  • Quality of materials
  • Design
  • Time required for construction and installation
  • Warranties

✓ Settle on a Design

A PHTA member professional will meet with you to discuss your needs and desires and how to answer them with a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and optional features. How will you and your family use your pool? Will it be for relaxation, family and friend gatherings, entertaining, exercise, or any combination of these? When you design your pool, answer your specific needs with a range of features from water treatments and fiber-optic lighting to decking, gazebos, landscaping, fencing and more.

✓ Excavation and Wall Construction

For pool and spa construction, site preparation comes first. Depending on the style and size of pool you choose, this may include excavation and/or forming a steel wall or other reinforcement, as well as adding dirt, gravel, or other materials to help smooth the pool floor and sides.

✓ Interior, Plumbing, and Electrical

The builder you select will place a liner or add a gunite or concrete pool surface. When the interior is complete, the builder installs the lip or cap known as coping around the edge of the pool and finalizes plumbing and electrical work.

Add Water and Enjoy

With basic construction complete, work on the deck or concrete surround is finished. Landscapers can now enhance your backyard oasis with options from new trees, gardens, and plantings to rock walls and paths. Now all that’s left to do is just add water!