Your Pool and Spa Setting

Enrich your pool experience with a backdrop that sets the stage for shared enjoyment – right at home.

Options are countless for creating the perfect accompaniment to the things you love most from entertaining family and friends to finding a satisfying escape from a stressful world. Consult your PHTA member professional to discover the many possibilities that meet your needs and budget.

Where to Start

Whether you’re building or remodeling your pool, start by stepping out and taking a good look at your available space. Then ask and answer some questions. What do you envision? For ideas, click here to visit the PHTA Inspiration Gallery. How will you enjoy your pool and spa?  How will my favorite things fit my pool and spa? 

From natural settings to more exotic backdrops, the endless possibilities include waterfall backdrops, colorful gardens, a subtle emphasis on existing trees and shrubs or the addition of new plants, rock gardens and elevations. Your PHTA member professional can show you the range of amenities, from tanning shelves to swim-up bars, to help you realize your perfect aquatic destination.

Consider this:

  • Plants
    Add beauty, provide privacy, and/or help your pool and spa blend more naturally with the environment with low-maintenance trees and plants. 

  • Lighting
    Choose lighting for safety first, but also consider for beauty and pizzazz. Standard incandescent and halogen lights are great options, while fiber optic lighting can bring striking color to your nighttime poolscape. 

  • Fencing
    An element of pool safety, fences make secure barriers, with some models alarm-equipped. Options range from wood and composites to vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and stainless steel.

  • Patios
    Create a true extension to your favorite living space with slip-resistant surfaces that add beauty and enhance safety.

  • Special Features
    Consider the extras.  From swim-up bars to streams and water gardens rich with aquatic plants and fish, your PHTA member professional can help you decide on the add-ons that turn your home into everyone’s favorite place to be.