Hot Tub Energy Efficiency

Running an energy efficient hot tub is important. Following the basic steps for hot tub energy efficiency will have a significant impact on your utility bill.

A Matter of Degrees

Set your temperature to 102 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. A couple of extra degrees can really save energy (and money!) over time. 

Control Your Controls

Use your technologically advanced control system to heat hot tub water to a specific temperature during preset time periods. For example, set controls to warm the tub water to 102 degrees Fahrenheit between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., and preset a lower temperature during remaining hours. Most hot tub manufacturers refer to this temperature control feature as their “economy” setting.  If your hot tub does not have an updated digital control system, consider an affordable upgrade.

Cover Up 

The hot tub cover is your most significant energy saving option. Heat rises, so your hot tub cover can have an enormous impact on heating costs. Replace your hot tub cover if it gets heavier over time, which means it’s taking on moisture and losing insulating value. Consider a replacement cover with more advanced insulation for greater energy savings.  

Floating Insulation

Consider adding a floating insulation blanket to keep heat in and cut down on evaporation. 

Clean Filters

Clean and replace filters often for maximium hot tub energy efficiency. Dirty filters can strain the equipment and cause your hot tub to use excess energy.